How do I know how much coverage time do I need for my wedding day?

This is probably my MOST asked question. Here's my rule of thumb: I try to get there about an hour before bride's hair and makeup is finished (assuming the bride is going last). This gives me plenty of time to get a few shots of the bride getting ready, grab some detail shots of the dress, etc. Start there, and then calculate how many hours will fit in your budget from that point on. If the reception/exit is more important to you, start from your exit time and go backwards to calculate your coverage needs. This definitely varies though, I'll work hard to make sure you get everything you want and it fits your budget. 


What is Lume's style?

I can't really say that I'm constrained to one particular style. I would say my shooting style is very intimate and solemn & my editing style is slightly moody & creative-I manipulate my shots with color and movement to create a particular feeling. I strive for an end product that is well lit and simple but inticing. I don't usually go overboard in shooting anything that doesn't move--save the dates, reception tables, etc. I think this is more beautifully captured in photography.  As long as a story is easily represented, the style will ultimately come on it's own. I love two individuals with a strong vision. What I've found is that it's not necessarily about the aesthetic, but I tend to be drawn to anything that is tailored and completely thought out to really showcase your love and your story. It's not about me- it's about YOU.


How important is it that the videographer and photographer work well together?

It's SO important. My preferred vendors are HERE. If you can find a photographer and videographer that know each other and match your style, you are set, and you'll find your film and photography correlate with one another. ASK! Make sure to ask your photographer or videographer who they prefer to work with. Ultimately, it is 100% your decision, but if you get along with who you've booked, chances are high you'll get along with their buddies too. And I can't stress enough how much smoother your day will go. If I know the photographer at a wedding, I'm familiar with how they work, and I can do my job more efficiently. 


Do you travel?

Yes! If my schedule allows it, I'm there. Let's break this down because there is close travel and there is far travel. If your location is located in the midwest and within 4 hours from me, I'll make the drive. I don't charge for travel, but I usually ask for a hotel room or Airbnb the night of the wedding, depending on your timeline. If it's more than a 2 hour drive, I usually also ask for a room the evening before. 

Far travel: Outside of the midwest. So far I have Mexico,Colorado,& Tennessee in my book for 2017. I require that two flights and stay be paid for, and you get a killllller deal from there. If we're going out of the country, services are free. If you book with one of my preferred photographers, let us save you some money, and just pay for the two of us to go! I have an entire page that tells you where I'll be, how long I'll be there, and more, HERE


What's the Instagram film add on?

Basically, after I send you back your full highlight film, you tell me your favorite parts of it, and I re-edit it to a short, one minute film that will fit on your Instagram feed perfectly! This way, it still looks professional and you can show off your favorite parts of the day. I just text it to you and you save it to your camera roll and upload. It's also on your final flash drive so that you can re-upload it for anniversaries and such. 


How do I get my footage back and how long does it take?

I send all of your footage back to you on one flash drive, if you want more let me know. I TRY to have your highlight film done within 8 weeks, that way you can share it and watch it as many times as you want while I get the physical package ready to be sent out. My official turnover time is 8-9 weeks but it can be up to 3 months in busier months like October & June.


How do you pronounce Lume?

It's pronounced LOOM. Lume is the base word for lumen, a unit for the calculation for light. Light, for me, is what is going to separate an okay video from an amazing video. I'm constantly chasing light to get you the perfect footage. 


There's a lot of audio in your videos, what if I don't want that?

Audio is what sets my films apart from others. It's how I tell your story and catch raw emotion. I reserve about 5-10 minutes of 'interview' time with you and then with your fiance. If you are afraid of speaking in front of the camera, trust me, it's just me and you and I ask you a few questions, the worst thing that could happen is it comes out bad and I don't add it to the film. If you get your raw footage in your package, you'll receive both of your interviews back on your flash drive to see how you both answered the questions. 


What happens if you have to cancel in the case of an emergency? 

This has never happened before but a lot of people ask about it and I would too! If I have to cancel for an emergency, I will first of all, do everything I can to find & pay another professional to shoot for me, and I will still edit all of your footage for you so that it's consistent to the style that you purchased. If I can't find someone else to step in for me, you will be 100% refunded in TWO payments if necessary. 


Do you photograph weddings?

I don't photograph weddings, I only film them.  I'm not sure why, but when it comes to weddings, I very much would prefer to tell your story through film. I'm definitely open to photographing any other moments; in-home, engagements, family portraits, seniors, etc. You can find my work HERE. I have a ton of referrals for wedding photography. You can find them HERE


Did you go to school for videography?

I didn't. All of my camera skills are self taught with the mentorship of a lot of awesome other professionals. I loved architecture and went to a school with an awesome program, so I decided to pursue a degree in interior architecture and do videography on the side. Luckily, I was able to start my own business out of it. 


How long have you been in business?

I filmed my first wedding for Annie & Ryan Owens in October of 2015 in Sapulpa,Oklahoma. 


How many weddings have you filmed?

I've filmed just over 30 weddings, after the 2017 wedding season I will have filmed about 40.