3 Red Cowgirls

Bailey. Annie. Shelby.

The response to this shoot has been heavy; a lot of people wondering what the heck is going on and where this idea came from. I wish I could take the credit but it was all them and they seriously made this so easy on me. This was one of those ever so rare shoots where you have to give the slightest direction and your vision is completely matched by your subject.

Bailey had a vision of a photoshoot where her & her friends were dressed in all red with cowgirl hats. Something we could all pull off? Probably not. 

I had Bailey summarize her idea behind the shoot: "3 red cowgirls. We wanted to embody power and energy of the female persona by wearing red. We all have special attachments to red and especially red cowboy paraphernalia---going way back to when Shelby and Annie were in daycare together. So it was only right to debut our new project with that imagery."

We had about 40 minutes to do this shoot before I had to run off for a wedding. I wish I had all of the time in the world. I hope everyone feels inspired to NOT do things the way everyone else is doing them; to create your ideas and not take them too seriously and to strive for originality. Get out and do somethin' different. Make people wonder what you're doing & how you did it.

I love weddings, but this was so refreshing for me. 

These three have created an Instagram where they will continue to curate their ideas and bring them to life, follow along, I promise it will bring some inspiration to your feed. @its___us