My name is Avery, sometimes Ave.

I'm 23. I'm a full time student at OU studying interior architecture. I work part-time and I own Lume. I'm from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I've always loved making videos & I hope no one ever finds my childhood YouTube account that proves it. I'm very minimal & when I get lost in my creativity, coming back to that always saves me. I'm quiet. I'm not clean & I'm not organized or detailed, but I've found a way to be these things when I need to be in order to succeed in all of this. I'm laid back & observant. I hate having my own picture taken. I prefer b&w over color. & I love telling stories. I want to get down to the bottom of your story and figure out how you made it to where you're at-not just the best parts of your story, but all of it. I always tell my couples the video will be great when you get it back, but it will mean so much more in 20 years. I hope all of my videos are something to look forward to each year, something to look back on with your children in the future, a place for you to re-visit family members who won't always be with you, and a reminder of your love when times get hard--it's so much more than a video for me.

Keep up with me on Instagram: @shmaaave

Photo by: Tricia Miller